Managing the attribute structure of vector layers

Managing the Attribute Structure is all about adding new, needed (and deleting old, unnecessary) attributes, adding dictionaries, etc. Why is this so important? Because Attributes are the basis for the Filtering and Symbolisation of Objects, the very basic activities on which we create Layers with Filter, etc.

Before you start

  1. Attribute structure is managed with Data Sources, not with Layers. Read more about the differences between a Data Source and a Layer.
  2. Attribute structure is managed in the Attribute Structure Manager, which is available in Administration Panel -> General Data -> Data Sources. After clicking on the three dots, select “Manage Attributes” from the list.
  3. Changes are irreversible. If you delete an attribute, it is together with the data. Recovery will only be possible from a backup.
  4. The system always adds several System Attributes

Basic operations:

  1. Adding a new attribute.
  2. Adding a new dictionary to an attribute.
  3. Deleting an attribute

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