How to manage dictionaries?

Dictionaries allow you to establish a closed list of values for a given Attribute. They make it possible to act when editing/adding an object, as in the animation below:

Thanks to Dictionaries, the Administrator can keep an eye on the quality of the extracted data. A correct dictionary management policy allows the correct:

  1. symbolisation,
  2. searching,
  3. filtering,
  4. reporting

Before you start

  1. Dictionary policies are worth thinking about well before you start editing data. Subsequent changes will involve massive changes to attribute values.
  2. Dictionaries are independent of the data. They are created in Settings -> Dictionaries. The same dictionary can be “pinned” to multiple attributes in multiple Sources.
  3. We assign dictionaries to Data Sources, not to Layers (read about the differences between Source and Layer). All Layers that are created from one source inherit the assigned Dictionaries. This preserves the integrity of the data.

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