How do you create a new dictionary?

Article on Dictionary Management

To add a new dictionary, you need to:

  1. Go to: Administration panel -> Settings -> Dictionaries
  2. Click “Add dictionary”. A new window will open:
    1. Dictionary name: enter the name of the dictionary
    2. Data type: Enter the data type (the dictionary data type must match the Attribute data type. It is not possible to specify “YES” and “NO” in the dictionary values and assign it to a field where digits are to be stored)
    3. Fill in the dictionary values. As many as needed.
  3. [optional]. Colour can be added to the Dictionary values.
  4. [optional]. You can add a photo to the Dictionary values
  5. Click save.

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Assigning a dictionary to a specific attribute of a Source is done in the Attribute Structure Manager

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