How do you create a data source from a file import?

Article on Adding vector data to a map

To create a Data Source from a file (SHP or GeoJSON):

  1. Go to Administration Panel -> Spatial Data
  2. Click “Import data source”
  3. Fill in the form:
    1. Enter the source name (this is the name of the source in the System – any unique text)
    2. Enter the coordinate system of the source
      1. what is a coordinate system?
      2. how do you find out what coordinate system the file has?
    3. Point to the data file. The system supports files:
      1. GeoJSON or
      2. SHP files (it is necessary to indicate the 3 component files .dbf, .shp and .shx)
  4. Click “Save”. The source has been created and is displayed in the list.

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