How do you add an attachment?

To add an Attachment:

  1. Identify the Object and open its Object Card.
  2. At the bottom, in the Relationship Panel, open the Attachment List
  3. Click the “Add Attachment” button
  4. There are two tabs in the new window:
    1. Add. After clicking the “Select file” button, you can select a file from the disk
    2. Assign File. You can find and add as an attachment a file already added (which is already an attachment of another Object). This ensures that you do not duplicate files on the disk.
  5. Click “Save”.

Adding attachments in bulk

In order to quickly add Attachments to multiple Objects at the same time, you need to:

  1. Make a Selection of Objects
  2. Select the “Add Attachments” tool
  3. Select an attachment from the disk
  4. Click Save.

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