How do you add a new map underlay? (XYZ format)

The default map underlay for the System is OpenStreetMap, but there are several other providers on the market: e.g.

  1. Stamen Maps
  2. Mapbox

Their maps can also be plugged into the System. How?

  1. Go to Admin Panel -> General Data tab Layers.
  2. Click on the “Add Layer” button and select “WMS/WMTS/XYZ”. A new window for adding a Layer will open:
    1. Service Type: Select the XYZ tab (it’s a kind of funky format name)
    2. Service Address: Paste the service address, e.g.:{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg
    3. Displayed Service Name: give a suitable name by which to identify the new layer in the System.
    4. [Optional] Minimum Zoom
    5. [Optional] Maximum Zoom,
    6. Give Permissions to the layer for User Groups.
  3. Click Add to have the layer added to the System.
  4. Using the Drag and Drop method, move the layer from the right to the left section. (from Available Layers to General Layers).
  5. From now on, the Layer is available in the Layer Manager for Users who have Permissions to it.

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