How do you add a new attribute?

Article from the Attribute Structure Management section.

To add a new attribute:

  1. Go to Administration Panel -> General Data -> Data Sources tab.
  2. Click on the three-dot next to the name of the Source to which you wish to add the attribute
  3. The Attribute Structure Manager opens
  4. At the very bottom of the list of current attributes, there is a row with the data to be entered. Fill in:
    1. Display name: Name of the attribute to appear in the system
    2. System name: The name of the field in the database. If you do not have specific database needs, then simply enter the name, but without spaces and Polish characters.
    3. Specify Data Type
    4. [optional] Specify Descriptive Attribute
    5. [optional] Assign a previously prepared Dictionary (read more about Dictionary Management).
    6. [optional] Select the unit.
  5. If the “tick” on the right is green, click on it.
  6. The changes will be saved.

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