Tool: Location information

Location information – information about the address and plot number wherever the map is clicked.


  1. On the tool ribbon, select Location information
  2. Click on the map. A dot appears next to the cursor.
  3. The results are displayed in the Location Information toolbox (plus the geometry of the parcel and the address point).
  4. Another click on the map is a new search
  5. Closing the tool closes the result info

Dependency on the Address Finder and Parcel Finder modules

If the address or parcel search module is not running, it only displays the available information. If both are disabled, then the tool does not appear.

The tool is dependent on the Address Finder and Parcel Finder modules. If the GUGIK API Parcel Finder is configured in the System, the reverse geocoder also queries the GUGIK API. Description of the GUGiK reverse geocoding service:

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