Sending SMS

The module extends the functionality of the System with the ability to send SMS via an external SMS gateway.

Use case

You have a layer with customers and one of the attributes is a phone number. You want to send SMS to customers from a specific county.

  1. Using, for example, the Basic Filter or the Advanced Filter, you select the relevant objects
  2. You select the SMS tool
  3. Enter the message content and specify which column contains the telephone number field
  4. Click “Send”.
  5. The SMS is sent to the selected telephone numbers.

The tool works in conjunction with the Slide Analysis and allows automatic sending of SMS to recipients who are deprived of water.


  1. If you wish to send SMS through the System, you must have an account with an SMS dispatch API provider (third party).
  2. The cost of sending SMS is an additional cost of operating the System, billed directly to the gateway/API provider.
  3. If you want to send SMS to anyone, you must have their permission. This is due to RODO
  4. The phone number field should only have 9 characters, i.e. the mobile phone number without spaces.

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