A tool for making a quick, visually appealing, printout of the current state of the application view in a horizontal layout in A4 format.

The tool launches the system print window so that it is possible to order a printout directly to the selected printer.

  1. On the Map Panel ribbon, click the Quick Print tool
  2. Using the system window, save the result of the slider analysis to PDF or send it to the printer

How do you print the analysis result from the Info tab?


The tool uses browser functionality. Nowadays, all modern browsers are gradually excluding unencrypted connections for security reasons. Addresses that start with http:// and not https:// cause browsers to display an error.

Unfortunately, this applies to most WMS services, which are only available as unencrypted services. The system displays them in the Map Window, but when trying to generate a printout, the browser blocks the content (files accessible via WMS) without https://.

What is the solution to this?

In special cases, the solution may be to use a so-called proxy, i.e. to ‘pass’ the response from the WMS server through, for example, Geoserver. Link to an article on how to do this.

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