Printout tool

The print tool, unlike QuickPrint, is used to make more advanced prints.

After selecting the Print tool from the Map Panel Toolbar:

  1. The print Composition Panel appears in the Information Panel.
  2. A red print coverage indicator appears in the Map Window.

In the Print Composition Panel, we have the following options

  1. Single Print
  2. Batch print
  3. Ribbon print

For single print, the user indicates the area in the Map Window, the area is moved across the map by holding down the left mouse button.

For a single print, the following parameters can be selected:

  1. Print title [Text to be entered by the user].
    Possibility to define a custom title instead of printing the application name. The user can fill in his/her own text, but the title is not obligatory. The user can make a printout with an empty title.
  2. Print Format [A4, A3, A2, A1, A0].
  3. Output file format [JPEG, PDF, PNG].
  4. Print orientation [Portrait, Landscape].
  5. Scale [1:250, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000, 1:10000, 1:15000, 1:20000. 1:25000, 1:40000, 1:50000, 1:100000]
  6. Print header position [Bottom of page, Top of page].
  7. Midnight arrow [None or choice of 1 of 3 to select].
  8. Map rotation [default 0, you can rotate the map printout by specifying the rotation angle].

In addition, we can indicate:

  1. Do you print the legend?
    The legend will print on the next page.
    For graphic formats, i.e. JPEG and PNG, the legend prints in a separate file. The printout result will be generated into a ZIP package containing the map printout file and the legend file.
  2. Should the date of printout generation be shown on the printout?
    The date the printout was generated will be included in the printout header.
  3. Do I print the name of the user who generated the printout?
    The name of the user in the system who generated the printout will be included in the printout header.
  4. Do I print the application logo?
    The system logo will be printed in the printout header.
  5. Do I print the information clause?
    The information clause will be generated in the printout header.
  6. Should I divide the printout into A4 sheets?

By clicking ‘Print’, a print request is sent. Depending on the parameters, this may take several minutes.

In apps updated to versions dated at least 16 May 2023 – the administrator configures the print coordinate system for the entire system

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