Monitoring of vehicles

Monitoring of vehicles is a module that extends the capabilities of the System by:

  1. Displaying an additional layer in the System containing data on vehicles and their location from an external Fleet Monitoring System. The layer spontaneously refreshes every set interval (e.g. every 15 seconds), so that the location is always up-to-date.


  1. The Employer must have a fleet monitoring system installed on his vehicles, together with access to the API, of one of the companies specialising in this field. The data is integrated into the system via a special integrator

User guide

  1. In the Tools Panel, activate the “Enable Monitoring of Vehicles” tool.
  2. A new Layer named “Vehicles” will be added to the List of Layers.
  3. A new Vector Layer will be added to the Map Window, which refreshes every interval set by the Administrator. The layer can be given any symbolisation in the Symbolisation Manager.

Administrators Manual

Administration Panel -> Modules -> Monitoring of vehicles

  1. The administrator can enable/disable the module
  2. The administrator receives information about the API provider for vehicle monitoring
  3. The administrator sets the Data Refresh Interval (in seconds). Note: This value determines how often the provider’s service will be queried. The frequency of refreshing the location on the map may be less frequent, as it depends on the provider updating the data.
  4. The administrator determines which attributes (among those provided by the vehicle monitoring API provider) are to be displayed in the Object Card.
  5. The administrator sets the default symbolisation.


Launching the Module requires the configuration of the Integrator with the API of the Vehicle Monitoring service provider. This is a programming activity performed as part of the implementation. Changing the fleet monitoring API provider requires modification of the Integrator and programming work.

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