GIS.Box plug-in for QGIS

In the past, the GIS.Box plug-in was a separate entity.

Nowadays, the ability to connect to GIS.Box from within QGIS is provided by the tool: Connect to GIS.Box GIS Support plugins are downloadable from the official QGIS plugin repository.

The Connect to GIS.Box tool extends the functionality of QGIS with the ability to edit data stored in GIS.Box.

How to get started?

  1. Install the plug-in
  2. Enter your login details and the URL of your GIS.Box instance in the plugin settings.
  3. Connect to GIS.Box
  4. Load and edit data


  1. Ability to log in to the System with a login and password
  2. Ability to load layers from the system into QGIS
  3. Ability to edit data and save it to GIS.Box using standard editing tools in QGIS.

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