Cadastral plot finder

The Land Parcel Finder is a module that extends the functionalities of the System with the ability to search for land parcels.

The module can be based on two data sources. The configuration is decided by the System Administrator in the administrative panel:

  1. ULDK.
  2. System – the search engine is based on data with parcels of land uploaded to the System (as a general layer).

Worth reading: ULDK or System – which data source to choose?

Module operation in the ULDK configuration:

Operation of the module in the System configuration (based on the general layer and the configuration in the administration panel):

Search engine for plots in the configuration The system is based on an exact search, i.e.

  1. The search engine for plots lists only plots according to the entered phrase, e.g.: 1.
    The user types 216 → receives exactly 216 plots, including a list of districts in which the searched plots occur.
  2. If you type 216/, you do not get any suggestions, because the phrase with the exact number 216/ does not exist.
  3. If you enter the phrase 216/2, you receive 216/2 plots, listed according to the districts in which they occur.
  4. On the other hand, if the user has previously searched for a plot, the system also remembers the searched plot – if it agrees with the entered phrase.

This ‘incrementalism’ is due to the search engine remembering the returned results.

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