Cache module – speeding up the display of vector layers

Numerous simultaneous users displaying complex data can slow down the functioning of the System.

In order to maintain speed irrespective of the number of users, a Cache Module has been created which allows the Administrator to prepare vector layers that are only prepared to be displayed quickly, e.g. in the Default Project, Mobile Application, or Public Map.

How does this work?

During regular System operation, each movement in the Map Window sends a series of queries to the database with the command to prepare “vector tiles”, i.e. map fragments that display on the map in the appropriate style. These queries can be aggravating because, during the execution of the query, Permissions are checked, appropriate attributes are selected, and sometimes additional joins and calculations are performed. All this takes time.

With the Cache Module, this process is simplified. After adding a layer to the Cache mechanism, every set interval (e.g. once a day), the layers are pre-generated, i.e. the Module itself retrieves the relevant vector tiles from the database and stores them in the “warehouse”. After this operation, each movement in the Map Window triggers a query not to the database, but to the storehouse, from where the pre-generated data are sent.


  1. How do you add a Layer to the Cache Module? Admin Guide.
  2. How do you load a Cache Layer into the Map Window?


  1. Cache layers are read-only

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