Address finder

The Address Finder is a module that extends the functionalities of the System with the possibility of searching for addresses.

The module can be based on two data sources. The configuration is decided by the System Administrator in the Administration Panel:

  1. Universal Geocoding Service (UUG)
  2. System – The search engine is based on address points uploaded to the System (as a general layer).

Example of UUG-based operation

Important: addresses must be entered in the convention: Town, Street House No. (the comma is important!)

Configuration description

Go to Administration panel -> Modules -> Address search engine

UUG configuration.

There is no magic here. Simply select the GUGIK API from the drop-down list.

System configuration

  1. To begin with, you need to upload (import) a data source with address data. This can be a file with any data that has the following attributes:
    1. City
    2. Street
    3. Number
    4. Postcode
  2. Then select “Search provider” -> “System”.
  3. Then indicate the source from point 1 as “data source with address points” and
    1. indicate the attribute in which the locality name is stored
    2. indicate the attribute in which the street name is stored
    3. indicate the attribute in which the real estate reference number is stored
    4. indicate the attribute that stores the postcode
  4. Click save

A system-based address finder, in a web application, works by searching a string of characters, according to the phrase contained.
– It is not case-sensitive.
– Prompts are returned in alphabetical order (address numbers are text, so the list returns results by text sorting)
– The number of prompts is limited to 25 in alphabetical order to limit the number of results returned when searching by whole phrases

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