What is the maximum number of layers in a project?

The system can support multiple data layers in a single design. However, the number of layers that can be efficiently supported may depend on the available hardware resources, such as RAM and CPU processing power. A very large number of layers in a single project can slow down the system, especially if they are large datasets.

Furthermore, the number of layers in a GIS project can be limited by the project’s purpose. When creating data visualisations, too many data layers can complicate the user interface and make the information difficult to read. It is recommended to limit the number of layers for readability and efficiency purposes.

We recommend a maximum of 20-25 layers per project.

In conclusion, there is no general limit on the number of layers in a GIS project, but the actual number of layers may depend on the hardware, as well as on the objectives of the project. It is worth remembering that it is good practice to keep your project easily readable and efficient by managing the number of data layers skilfully.

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