How to convert an address list into points on a map?

The need to display an address list on a map as points is a very common use case in GIS applications.

This activity is geocoding, which is performed by a software dedicated to this: a geocoder.

Can the System do this? No, the System can only search for individual locations using the Address Finder module tool.

Can QGIS do this? QGIS itself does not – only through plug-ins.

So, what can be done? There is a solution

The best option is to use one of the geocoding plug-ins in QGIS. We recommend the Location Lab plugin and its Geocoding tool. It works on a very simple principle:

  1. we load an address list into QGIS
  2. we select an external geocoding engine (these are third-party services that are free up to a certain query limit)
  3. the service returns a list of points to us.

The whole process is shown in the video below.

Download testing data.

Film from the Location Lab plug-in


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