Dashed lines in the mobile app

The system is based on a single data symbolisation system, which is managed by the Symbolisation Manager.

There is one exception to this. If you select Unique Symbolisation in the settings and make the line dashed, it will be displayed as a continuous line in the Mobile Application.

The issue does not occur for Single Symbolisation.


  1. We have a layer: Cables and a type field. There are two values in the type field: underground and overhead
  2. We want to make the symbolisation unique depending on the type attribute:
    1. overhead is displayed with a solid line
    2. underground with a dashed line
  3. When viewing the data in the Map Panel, everything will be fine
  4. In the Mobile Application, both cable types will display as a continuous line.

What to do?

If you want a dashed line in the Mobile Application, you have to use Single Symbolisation:

  1. From the data source Cables create two layers with a filter
    1. Overhead cables
    2. Underground cables
  2. Assign Single Symbolisation to the layers (which handles dashed lines seamlessly)
  3. In the Mobile Application section of the Administration Panel, add two layers to be displayed
  4. In the Mobile Application, you get the effect of the overhead lines displaying with a continuous line and the underground lines with a dashed line.

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