Vector data structure in the System

The System differentiates between Data Sources and Layers. The purpose of this article is to explain the differences.

We can import a file into the System. We then create a Data Source (we can compare this to a table in a database). At the Data Source level, we manage the Attribute Structure, edit default values, pin Dictionaries, etc. The source is not added directly to the Map Window

From the Data Source, we can create multiple Vector Layers (including Filter Layers). At the Layer level, we manage the display of the Attribute List Panel, Symbolisation, and Permissions. Only the layer can be added to the Map Window.

Why is this?

It gives the Administrator almost unlimited possibilities. Based on the Hydrants data source, they can create e.g.:

  1. A layer with the symbolisation of large red dots with three attributes (type, condition and capacity) and include this layer – read-only – in the Public Map for the local State and Volunteer Fire Service
  2. A layer (or even a whole Project) dedicated to one person, e.g. responsible for performing inspections. The layer can have a symbolisation depending on the inspection date (in red: after deadline, green: on deadline, yellow: deadline about to pass) with a minimum number of attributes in order to simplify the operation as much as possible

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