Tool panel

The Tool Panel is a place in the Map Panel where the most frequently used tools are located:

  1. Identification tool
  2. Click coordinates tool
  3. Distance and area measurement tool
  4. Zoom-in tool – brings the map one scale level closer
  5. Zoom-out tool – distances the map by one scale level
  6. Zoom to default design view tool
  7. View previous view tool – shows a previous view of the map
  8. View next view tool – displays the next view of the map (if the previous view tool was used)
  9. Spatial tab tool
  10. QuickPrint tool
  11. Print tool
  12. StreetView tool
  13. and other tools depending on the configuration of the System:
    1. Mark by Location
    2. Spatial bookmarks
    3. Address Finder
    4. Parcel search engine
    5. Object Search engine
    6. Parcel Report
    7. Location information

In addition, the tool panel includes

  1. Linear scale
  2. Numerical scale and scale level visualisation
  3. Coordinate system change tool
  4. Information about cursor coordinates
  5. Information about the System version.

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