Tool: advanced filter

The Advanced Filter is a tool within the Attribute Table.

The Advanced Filter allows you to construct a formula that can restrict the display of data in the Attribute Table and the Map Window based on conditions and logical operators.

Logical operators:

  1. AND
  2. OR


  1. other than
  3. IS NULL
  4. less than
  5. less than or equal to
  6. equal to
  7. greater than
  8. greater than or equal to
  9. contains phrase
  10. contains phrase (case-sensitive)

The filter takes into account dictionary values, i.e. wherever a dictionary is assigned to an attribute, dictionary values will appear in the value selection field.

The following query means: Show water pipes (layer) whose pipe function (attribute) contains the phrase “Connection” (attribute value) AND (AND) its design length (attribute) is less than 100 [m] (attribute value).

Other example queries:

Show me luminaires where the light source is LED and their wattage is 30 or 40 W.

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