System attributes

Each Vector Layer in the System has so-called System Attributes, i.e. attributes that are added and updated automatically.

Here is a list of System Attributes:

  1. Number of modifications: a numerical attribute indicates how many times an object has been edited
  2. Number of notes
  3. Number of attachments
  4. Date the record was created
  5. The user who created the record
  6. Date of the last edit
  7. The user who last edited the record

The purpose of the System Attributes is to allow advanced searches and filtering using the Basic Filter and Advanced Filter, e.g:

  1. Show me all hoses that were last edited in 2021
  2. Show me hydrants that were last edited by Mr Kazimierz.
  3. Show me the hydrants that Mr Kazimierz has entered into the System in 2020

The visibility of these attributes is managed by the Administrator in the Attribute List Management window in the Object Card.

System attributes are created automatically by the system for new data sources added or imported into the system. The system fields will appear when the data source is saved.

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