Symbolisation manager

Managing the symbolisation of a vector layer – or, more simply, changing the style/look of the data – is one of the primary activities in GIS. It is done through the Symbolisation Manager.

The Symbolisation Manager is accessible from several places in the System.

  1. Administration Panel -> Layer List Management
  2. Map Panel -> Layer List

Symbolisation options

  1. Point layer
    1. Type of symbolisation: point
      1. Colour
      2. Size
      3. Transparency
      4. Visibility scale
    2. Symbolisation type: signature (SVG)
      1. Choice of icon/signature from among the defined ones
      2. Icon/signature size
      3. Transparency
      4. Visibility scale
  2. Line layer
    1. Line style (continuous, dotted, dashed, dashed dense, dashed with dots).
    2. Line colour (all RGB palette selectable)
    3. Transparency (from 0 to 100%)
    4. Line width in points
    5. Definition of visibility scale,
  3. Polygon layer
    1. Outline (continuous, dotted, dashed, dashed dense, dashed with dots)
    2. Filling colour
    3. Filling transparency
    4. Outline colour
    5. Outline transparency
    6. Outline width
    7. Visibility scale

Styling a line layer in the Symbolisation Manager

Manager’s description

  1. Style tab
    1. Left section – this is where you select the type of symbolisation and set its parameters
    2. Right section – this is where you set the basic settings depending on the type of geometry (point, line or polygon)
      1. Labelling management
      2. In addition, you can export and import the style
  2. Symbols tab – here you will find a library of SVG or PNG symbols which can be used to symbolise points. Tools
    1. Import icon – tools allow you to import an icon in SVG or PNG format (64x64px in size)
    2. Remove icon from library (if you hover the cursor over an icon, a cross will appear in the top right corner, allowing you to remove the icon).
  3. QGIS Style tab – only available if the QGIS Plug-in module is active.

Use cases

  1. Setting a single style
  2. Setting a unique style
  3. Setting a progressive style
  4. Setting the object label style
  5. Saving a style to a file
  6. Importing a style from a file
  7. Managing a signature library
  8. Managing styles for QGIS

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