Show dimensions

Object Card Tool

The Show Dimensions tool allows you to display the basic dimensions (for a polygon) of the area, perimeter and dimensions of all segments.

The display of dimensions can be switched off again by clicking on the tool icon.

The result of the measurement can then be printed using the Quick Print tool (Standard Print is not applicable here).

For areas, the unit is displayed:
– m2, when the area is less than 1ha
– ha, when the area is between 1 ha and 100ha
– km2, when the area is greater than 100ha

Note regarding dimensions on the map: The dimensions presented on the map are for illustrative purposes.
We use the Web Mercator coordinate system in the map window, which may slightly distort the actual proportions, especially over large areas and in higher latitudes.

Please note that the actual coordinate system used in the database may be different – dependent on implementation.

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