Serial printing

Serial printing allows a series of maps to be generated on consecutive sheets along the course indicated on the map.

The functionality is available under the Printers tool icon from the Toolbar. Serial Print is selected from the available Print Tools.

The most important step when carrying out a serial printout is to draw the print run lines in the map window. To do this, click on the phrase “Draw line”. This will start the drawing process in the map window. At this point, click at the starting point of the printout, then indicate the individual nodes of the line with successive clicks. To finish drawing the segment, double-click the button at the location of the last vertex. If the operation has been performed, the line progression will turn red. The line marks the area according to which the map sheets will be generated. In addition, we have at our disposal certain printout parameters, in this case, these are:

  • Printout title
  • Printout format
  • Format of the output file
  • Printout orientation
  • Map scale
  • Position of printout header
  • North arrow
  • Rotation of the map

The parameters can be changed before or after the print run is drawn.

We also get options to add additional elements to the map, such as:

  • Print legend (1)
  • Print the date the printout was generated (2)
  • Print the name of the user who generated the printout (3)
  • Print application logo (4)
  • Print the information clause (5)



The result of the functionality is a series of printouts in the selected format on separate sheets, which cover the area of the punch-out.

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