Managing the List of Attributes of the Object Card

Managing the Object Card Attribute List involves deciding which Attributes will appear in the Object Card of the selected Layer,

The Object Card Attribute List Management window is in:

  1. Administration Panel -> Spatial Data -> Layers
  2. Next to the vector layer name, click the three dots -> Manage Object Card

The Object Card Attribute List is managed in a window divided into two sections:

  1. Object Card – the section contains the attributes, divided into groups, which are displayed in the Object Card
  2. Available Attributes – attributes that are in the Data Source but are not displayed to Users

Use cases

  1. Removing/adding an attribute to display in the Object Card – this is done on a simple drag-and-drop basis between sections.
  2. Adding/deleting a new group of attributes in an object card.
  3. Renaming an attribute – changing the name that is displayed in the Object Card (does not change the system attribute name)
  4. Setting the default value for editing

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