Managing attributes in the System

Attribute management is the process of:

  1. adding new attributes to the data (or deleting),
  2. adding dictionaries to attributes
  3. procedures relating to editing (including mass editing) of attributes

in order to achieve the desired objectives.

Example of use

Problem to be solved: collecting information on whether there is an electrical installation on a pole for an advertising device. Instead of adding a new layer, it is sufficient to add a new attribute to the existing pole layer:

  1. Add a new attribute e.g. Advertising installation
  2. Add a dictionary in values [YES, NO, No data].
  3. Fill in the data with the attribute values by editing.

Based on the data prepared in this way, you can create a layer “with filter” containing only objects that have YES as an attribute value. This will result in a layer with columns that have installation. This layer will update itself on a regular basis (as soon as someone changes an attribute in the main layer, the filter layer will update itself).

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