A layer is a basic form of spatial data organisation in GIS. It is one of the basic concepts in GIS.

In the System, we distinguish between:

  1. Vector layer
    1. General layer
    2. Data Model layer
  2. WMS layer

A map (cartographic visualisation) consists of many layers.

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  1. All hydrants are grouped into a layer (because they are objects of the same type)
  2. All water pipes are also a layer
  3. An orthophotomap loaded by WMS is also a layer

What can be done with a layer?

  1. A layer can be added/loaded into the Project (added via the Layer Manager). The name of the layer will appear in the Legend Panel
  2. The layer can be turned on/off, i.e. you can decide whether it should appear in the Map Window.
  3. The layer can be given a style (in the Symbolisation Manager)

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