Gradual symbolisation

Gradual symbolisation makes the style of individual objects in a layer dependent on the value of a numerical attribute.

Using gradual symbolisation, it is possible to specify the number of classes and ranges of attribute values that assign an object to any of the classes. It is possible to assign a separate style for each class.


We have a vector layer with municipalities, and in the population attribute we have a specific number of people living in a municipality.

We want to display it as follows:

  1. municipalities with more than 500,000 inhabitants – in red
  2. municipalities with population between 50,000 and 500,000 – in yellow
  3. municipalities with 1 to 50 thousand inhabitants – in green

Below is an example of step-by-step symbolisation – housing permits by district

Other types of symbolisation

  1. Single symbolisation
  2. Unique symbolisation

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