Full change history

Do you want to check what data source Marian edited in July? Or globally check if any changes were made on July 22nd?

The full change history is a non-spatial table that collects in one place all the changes that have occurred in relation to editing data in the system.

You trigger the full change history by calling the Change History button on the tools ribbon, or by adding a layer from the add-on modules to the project.

The full change history has a fixed attribute structure:
Change ID – a unique identifier for the change within the entire system
Change date – date and time of the change
Object ID – ID of the object in the system
Data source – name of the data source in the system
Type of change – added/modified/deleted
User – name of user in the system

The full change history has filtering tools, allowing you to search for complex combinations, e.g. search for all changes made in July by user Marian.

Details of the change can be found in the object history tab, from the object tab of the selected layer.

Access to the tool depends on the scope of implementation.

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