Cadastral parcels

Cadastral parcels are a very important element of spatial knowledge, and therefore an essential component of GIS systems.

The aim of the following article is to collect all relevant information on the purposes and uses of cadastral parcels in the System.

Source of data on cadastral parcels.

Cadastral parcels are part of the Land and Building Register (EGiB) – a dataset maintained by the District Governor, most often “by the hands” of the District Surveying and Cartographic Documentation Centre and surveyors who carry out physical measurements in the field.

From 2019, this collection on geometry (i.e. shape) and plot number is available for free for everyone. Counties handle the provision of parcel source data in different ways: from the standard WFS data sharing service to data provided on CD after filling out a paper application. It is necessary to call the specific county and find out.


Cadastral parcels in the System.

Use cases in the System related to land parcels

1. I want to see what is the number of the land parcel on which an object is located.

Then, the most convenient way is to add it from the National Land Register Integration (KIEG) to the WMS System. Unfortunately – this is only a WMS, so the data can only be viewed: it cannot be copied, saved or displayed as a vector layer.

2. I want to search for parcel no. 34/5 within Złotniki in the municipality of Suchy Las.

In this case, you should use the “Land Parcel Finder” module (for a list of installed modules, see the implementation sheet).

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