Tool: Attribute painter

The Attribute Painter tool allows the completed attributes to be copied to the selected objects from the indicated source object.

Operating principle:

  • Make a Selection of the Objects (they should highlight in yellow) that are to receive the filled attributes
  • Select the Attribute Painter tool from the Attribute Table Toolbar.
  • The cursor will change to a selector → point to the source object from which you will take the attributes.
  • If there are more objects under the cursor, a list of objects to select from appears in the info panel
    After selecting one source object, the configurator appears in the info panel – list of attributes to be copied
    – select all attributes to copy or only selected ones
  • Enter the buffer value in metres or select the attribute in which you store the buffer values you wish to generate.
  • Click Copy -> attributes will be saved in the target object(s)

The copied attributes overwrite the existing values in the selected target object(s).

Use case:
The user has drawn 10 new sewer connections and would like to copy attributes from an existing object that was added earlier and has a set of completed attributes.

Read more:

If you do not use attribute copying in the form of the Attribute Painter, you can copy individual values from an attribute using the browser.

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