Attribute, Attribute Value and Attribute Structure

An Attribute is a single characteristic that can be used to describe an Object in GIS, e.g. a Hydrant Object may have a “height” Attribute.

The value of an Attribute is the specific value of that feature, e.g. A hydrant object has an Attribute Value of “height” of 1.2 m.

Attribute Structure is the formal record of a set of Attributes describing a Vector Layer and the Objects within it.


  1. The single Attribute of the Hydrants Layer is Height.
  2. An example of Hydrants Layer Attribute Structure: [ID, Height, Colour, Type, State].
  3. Values for a single Object, e.g. [ID:7, Height: 1.2, Colour: Red, Type: Ground, Condition: Good] are Attribute Values.


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