Administration panel: Login settings

Administration Panel -> Settings – > Login:

Section where you can change the login requirements and password complexity of users.

  1. Maximum Username length (set by system)
  2. Minimum Username length (set by system)
  3. Number of login attempts. The number of login attempts beyond which the User will be locked out.
  4. Password Lifetime. The number of days, which determines how often the User must change the password
  5. The duration of the password reminder link. The maximum number of hours that can pass between requesting a password reminder and clicking on the confirmation of the activation link.
  6. Minimum password length. The minimum number of characters to be included in the password.
  7. The complexity of the password:
    1. At least one lowercase letter
    2. At least one uppercase letter
    3. At least one numeral
    4. At least one special character
  8. Single sign-on [YES/NO]. A unique setting that allows only one client of the System to be logged in at a time.

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