Access to the System

The System can be accessed (logged into) only by the Users who:

  1. have been given an individual login and password by the Administrator
  2. have network access to the server on which the System instance is installed
  3. [optionally] meet other individual access criteria set by the IT Administrator.

It is not possible for a user to gain unauthorised access to data, tools, statements, and reports.

The System is equipped with a number of tools to assist the Administrator against intentional or accidental data alteration (e.g. deletion of data).

  1. Authorisation system
  2. Two-step confirmation for deletion of objects
  3. Backup system (individual for each instance. For relevant information, see implementation sheet)

Access rights

The administrator grants access rights to users in accordance with the information in the article on access rights.


Access to parts of the System

Permissions Management is central, which means that permissions granted in the browser are also respected in:

  1. The Mobile Application and
  2. The QGIS plug-in

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