How is GIS.Box developped?

GIS.Box is constantly evolving. We try to inform about new functionalities on the blog, in the newsletter, and, of course, in the documentation.

How are new GIS.Box functionalities created?

Of course, our current and future customers decide about them. We are in constant contact with Users and conduct many sales talks. It is on the basis of Users’ suggestions that a “road map” for the development of GIS.Box is created. As always, there are more ideas than time, so the speed of development, bug fixes, and optimization depends on current capabilities.

Can I build my product based on GIS.Box?

Of course. GIS.Box is the engine of two products – GIS applications, which are successfully implemented in several countries. GIS.Box is also an engine on the basis of which solutions dedicated to the needs of public procurement have been built.

GIS Support provides comprehensive services: from creating specifications, through prototyping and programming, to long-term support and hosting.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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